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Posted September 28, 2022 at 8:00 pm

And that's a wrap for CTC save file 7! We'll be back for the next chapter on October 19, which will be the last chapter of Book 2 <3

Also, for those that have not seen their email from hiveworks or haven't seen my update on social media about the CTC Book 1 campaign from earlier this year- I am pasting it here:

Important notice for those that backed CTC Book 1: The books have been delayed due to printing and prepress issues, and will ship out in January 2023 instead. We also wont have them for regular sale until after. There’s more details and updates in the email sent out by Hiveworks.

I am… frustrated with how my book has been handled. I’ve tried to get the ball rolling since preorders ended, but was assured that we would be on track. Now they’re 3 months late. There’s nothing I can do or say, but keep working on CTC and hope that book 2 will be better.

I’m truly sorry for the delay, and thank you for the patience! To compensate for the delay, there’s a little exclusive surprise I’ve added to all book orders! Reminder that if anyone has inquiries about their orders, please email Hivemill, as they are handling the CTC book orders.

Thank you guys for your patience! I will also be at NYCC next weekend, artist alley table F-37. I hope to see some of you there, even without book 1 on me!