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Posted March 6, 2024 at 8:00 pm


This is my first entry in my new journal. Come to think of it, it’s my only journal now, seeing as all my previous ones were left behind. I wonder if Laurence will find them? I hope he never reads them. 

What an eventful week it’s been for me, I can’t believe how much my life has changed in just a few days! My life in the tower feels like a lifetime ago…

I’m not going to lie, I miss the tower. Even knowing what I know now, about all the horrible lies I’ve been fed, about mother… there’s a part of me that misses it. I miss my crystal bed, my cozy chair, Rosalie’s pies, even Laurence’s scolding.

But I want to keep my promise to Rosalie. I’m sure I can build a home here. The town has not been very welcoming, but at least that part is familiar. What I I don’t understand is my apparent resemblance to a revolutionary named Irid. They claimed I was his son, which is absurd- I’ve never had a father. Come to think of it, mom never even spoke of one. It’s just my luck that a random coincidence ruined my first impression.

Maybe without Madam looming over me, I can win them over.

Not to mention I have a friend here! Lillium. He offered his place to me, and even his bed. Where will he sleep? Maybe on the couch. Should I make him a spare bed? I’ll draft something for him after I fix that shelf of his.

I’m terrified. This is the first time I’ve had a chance to rest and process everything after running away. I don’t want to cry, I hate crying, I’ve done enough of it at the tower. But it’s hard not to, alone in this small room.

But I’m hopeful, too. I have Penny, and Lillium. Maybe Heather as well. And that woman named Dan…

I’ll make tomorrow a good day.



It was not a good day.

Not only was Lillium gone, two children came by today, demiflora children (I could tell because of their unusual physical features!). I was immediately hit by an egg when I opened the door. They proceeded to throw the rest of their projectile produce at Lillium’s home as well.

I’m under the impression that they- and the rest of the settlement, don’t like Irid (and by extension, me) very much.

I’ve never met Irid, or seen a photo of him, but how deep is the resemblance that I’d be mistaken for him?

I don’t understand.

Maybe Lillium can explain it to me when I see him tomorrow.



Lillium wasn’t here again. But the two kids were.

I don’t know what to do, I can’t even get a sentence in before I’m mauled by vegetables!

Rosalie would’ve given some good advice… or a good scolding.



My muscles are so sore, I should have taken my physical education more seriously.

But at least it’s easier to dodge the children.

On a brighter note, I’ve discovered a secret compartment on top of the living room, I think it’d be a fantastic place to put a second bedroom!

I’m going to get started on the drafts for a new bed. Lillium will like it.



Why isn’t he here yet?

Doesn’t he know there’s children coming by everyday to throw filth at his house? And I have to clean it up everytime?

Does he even come home?

Does he even remember me?



The children called me a murderer again.

I’m starting to get used to it now.


I don’t understand.

I really don’t.


I dont get it at all


A miracle happened!

Sunny, the child that assisted me during the trial had come to my aid once more! They chased away the two children that have been plaguing me and Lillium’s house for weeks (yes, I realize how pathetic it sounds, needing one child to scare away another).

But the best part is- they’ve seen Lillium. And they’re taking me to him tonight.

It’s been so long since I’ve seen him! Has he grown a beard? Will he remember me?

Just kidding! Of course he will, we’re friends.


Anyways, I’d best prepare for our reunion! What better way than to make him a fresh batch of cookies?

…Is that the oven burning?

I’ll be back.