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Posted March 6, 2024 at 7:00 pm

“You made a new bathroom.”

“I did not make a new bathroom. I just… renovated it.”

“So you made a new bathroom.”

Lillium stared at the room that once held a half broken toilet, a dilapidated stall that delivered only cold showers, and molding tiles. Now, the toilet was brand new, the shower was replaced with an expensive looking clawfoot tub that he’d only seen in old movies, and the tiles were stripped, leaving behind a clean coat of paint. Ivy hung over the tub, and the sink even had a mirror to go with it. The room looked triple the size it was before, even though Lillium knew it should have been impossible.

“I don’t have to go to the community bathroom for a hot shower anymore,” He thought.

Still, Iris wrung his hands together, mistaking his reaction for displeasure. “I can change it back if you want?” Though he sounded queasy at the idea.


Lillium continued staring, then poked at the wall, tested the faucets (there was hot water!), and ran his fingers through the soft fluffy towel hanging by the sink. There were two, one black, another white. The initials L.W. was embroidered in gold for the latter.

His old towel was battered long ago after years of use. He kept reminding himself to get a new one, to fix the toilet, to do something about the water, but he never got around to it. There was always work to do. And now…

He snorted. Then dissolved into laughter.

“What’s so funny?” Iris exclaimed in alarm. 

“This- this is so… I can’t-” Lillium tried to gather his bearings, but it was unbelievable. “They put you with me, thinking we’d probably kill each other within the month! And now-” He gestured to the bathroom. “I think I have the best bathroom in all of the valley!”

Iris cocked his head. “This is the best bathroom? But it barely fits two people!”

“That’s fine,” Lillium, calming down, “We are just two people, after all.” 

He paused.

“Thank you,” He said, his eyes glowed softly in the dark. “This is amazing.”

Iris felt his cheeks flush as those eyes were directed onto him, soft in a way they hadn’t been before. He smiled and waved his arm, “Oh, it was nothing! I was pretty bored while you were gone. Interior design was a great way to waste time.”

Lillium frowned. “I haven’t been a good roommate, have I?”

“You were working.”

“I could have left some notes.” He paused. “Or answer the ones you left on the fridge.”

Iris felt even warmer on his face. “You saw those?”

“Oh yes,” Lillium smirked. There was that roguish face that Iris liked significantly less again. “Why haven’t you finished your plans to expand the attic yet? The open ceiling window sounds like a great idea to get me sniped when it becomes my second bedroom.”

“But you could look at the stars!”

“Stars? But I’ll be sleeping!”

“You look at them before you sleep.”

Lillium rolled his eyes. “You are one strange guy.” He gave one final look at the bathroom before leaving at last. “But as far as roommates go, I could do worse.”

That sounded nearly like a compliment. Iris beamed, he’ll take what he can get.